We planned on organizing the first Rust Conference in Poland this year, but the pandemic changed our plans. Instead of a classic conference, we want to offer you the possibility to take part in a Virtual Conference focused 100% on Rust. Are you interested?

Five days, 8 speakers, 8 talks - and everything is free of charge, streamed online and available to watch later.

Hungry for more? After a busy week, filled with technical talks about Rust, we invite you to take part in a coding challenge! Let's do something special - A hackathon, but one where you can participate without leaving your home office environment.

Join us this Summer! Add 27.07 - 02.08 to your events calendar today!

Where to watch?

The event is free and thus no registration is required.

We will stream all the talks on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.

All the recordings are available on YouTube.

If you do not want to miss any event - please use the prepared calendar files (check agenda details) and import them to your calendar. Calendar files contain links to our twitch channel - for your convenience :)

To be kept updated please follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Meet our speakers

Should we have a Rust 2021 edition?
Low-level optimization of algebraic and similar structures
Fast encrypted backups with Rust - 'How I stopped worrying and love mmap'
Drone Control - 'Controlling a drone using Rust over WiFi'
The Rust Borrow Checker - A Deep Dive
Leveraging Rust to build cross-platform mobile libraries
Are we observable yet? Telemetry for Rust APIs - metrics, logging, distributed tracing
How 10 open source projects manage unsafe code

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Our conference is going to be complemented with a special event - an online Hackathon. The idea is simple: in teams of up to four, create an application related to a given topic.

Constraints: you have to use Rust (obviously), and you need to fit it in two days. But how can it be difficult for you? After the dealine is reached organizers will pull the sources, check all the solutions and vote (together with all teams participating) for the best one. Let the best team win!


Event Rules

We believe that each and every human being is great in nature. Rusty Days Conference is a safe, inclusive place for every attendee. Every single person is welcome to take part in the Rusty Days and the hackathon.

Rust Days incorporates Berlin Code of Conduct as the set of rules. We will do our best to monitor chats and make sure no inappropriate comments are made. If that happens we will react and such comments will be removed, and their authors may be kicked out from the stream.

In case we miss something - please contact us via form - we will take action as soon as possible.

Who are we?

We call ourselves Rust Wrocław, and we organize the Rust Meetup for our local society for more than two years. Since the pandemic stopped us from meeting physically, we switched to hosting webinars, and this only made us stronger. We were not only able to maintain events organization but doubled their frequency from once a month to every two weeks. Now we decided to do something even bigger. Join us - we promise it will be worth it!

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